Tools for Repair 

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  • Tools: Sticker...

    Minimum quantity is 20 pieces (For one model).

    The deadline for the order is one day.

  • Tools: Adhesives &...

    Solvents, cleaners, adhesives and other useful chemicals that can be used to repair cell phones and display modules.

    The minimum quantity for shipping (MOQ) is indicated next to the product name. The catalog shows only the most popular and popular products, if you are looking for something specific - contact the sales department and we will help you.

    Attention: the delivery of lightly flammable liquids and aerosols from China is carried out on special terms, please contact our managers.

  • Tools: Screwdrivers...
  • Tools: Test boards

    Every spare part of the phone - from the display to the battery - should be tested. We really appreciate the high quality of the supplied spare parts, so we check all the goods on special testers. We suggest that you purchase the devices that we use every day.

  • Tools: Machine
  • Tools: Warranty Stickers
  • Tools: Soldering
Showing 1 - 58 of 58 items
Showing 1 - 58 of 58 items

Tools for Repair